Trafiłem na fajny cytat od…

Trafiłem na fajny cytat od pewnego oldschoolowego socjalisty

By an endless variety of charitable institutions, monuments equally of benevolence and ignorance, we attempt to subdue the evils of society; but the attempt is vain.

Let societies be formed for the purpose of annihilating the causes, whence the evils of mankind arise,—societies, not to relieve the miserable, but to abolish the causes of misery ; not to assist the poor with money, but to abolish the causes of poverty ; not to detect thieves, but to take away the multitude of temptations to steal ; societies having for their avowed purpose an equal distribution of the means of happiness to all, and the combining of all mankind in unity, peace, and concord.

~John Gray (A Lecture on Human Happiness, 1825)

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